Yearly Events

From late Jan 31 through Feb 7 in 2015, Kayabuki no Sato Lantern Festival


The Lantern Festival is held every winter during the snow season. People decorate the town with  handmade lanterns and flower lanterns from Kyoto Arashiyama region.

Early Feb., Miyama Snow Festival


The Miyamacho Municipal Nature and Culture Village holds a snow festival in the beginning of Feb.. There are snow statue contests,  snow sports, shops, and other events.

Mid May, Rice Planting Festival

 After the Chii Shrine ritual is held, women in traditional clothes and hats plant rice to the sound of Japanese drumbeats.

Mid May, Kayabuki no Sato Water Spraying Festival

 Every May 20th and the first Sunday of Dec., a water spraying festival is held in Kayabuki no Sato as a part of a fire protection event. Many people come to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Mid July, Tauta Gion Festival


 Tauta Gion Festival is an annual festival of Yasaka Shrine. Ceremonies and performances are made to pray for a good harvest. The festival is designated an intangible folk cultural asset of Kyoto.

Mid Aug, Ayu Festival


 The festival is held on August 15 every year. It is enjoyed by visiters and people who return to their hometown for the Bon Festival. There are  catching ayu with bare hands events, Bon festival dances, stages, shops, fireworks, and many other activities.


Aug 24, Matsuage Festival


 The Matsuage Festival is the largest festival since ancient times in the region. It is designated an intangible folk cultural asset of Kyoto. A Ceremony of buring a big pine tree is held to pray for good health and a good harvest. 

Early Oct., Chii Hachiman Shrine Annual Festival


 The Chii Hachiman Shrine is located in the north part of Miyama town, the thatched roof village. It is the Soja of 11 villages, boasting a history of about 250 years. It is designated as a cultural property of Kyoto Pref..

Early Nov., Ono Dam Park Maple Festival


Ono Dam is located at the west end of Miyama town. The park of the dam is a beautiful scenic spot for cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn. There are many shops and activities during the maple festival held at the park. Night viewing of illuminated maple trees is also popular.


Nov.23, Miyama Agriculture Festival


 The agriculture festival is held once a year to celebrate the harvest. There are many stands selling local products such as newly harvested rice, meat, fresh eggs, milk and vegetables. People enjoy stage shows, contests, lottery games and many other events.


Snow season from January to March, Snowshoe Tour 


 Located just 1 hour and 30 minutes by train from Kyoto, Miyama town is covered by more than 50cm of snow in winter. In the mountain areas, the depth of snow can be more than 2 meters. Snowshoe is one of the winter sports in the region. One can walk on rice fields or mountain roads in these shoes without sinking into the snow. The local guide will guide you into the beautiful snow world.

 There are transportation services of Snowshoe Tour from Kyoto Sta. 

Late April,  Amago Fishing Class

 On a Sunday in late April, a Amago fishing class is held in Kochidani, where the mountain stream is famous for its Amago fish. Tools and baits are prepared. The instructors are experienced anglers who were winners of Ayu fishing tournaments or other fishing tournaments held all over the country.

 Entry fee is 5,000yen, including a barbecue lunch.

From late July until late August, Ayu Family Day

 Every year in this season, the Ayu Family Day event is held at Yuragawa river, which has the best quality clear stream in Kinki area. It is great fun to chase after Ayu and try to catch the fish with bare hands.


The entry fee is 2,000 yen for adults, 1,500 yen for elementary school children. Pre-school children are free of charge. Please make a reservation in advance.

Weekend in the beginning of September, Rice Festival - Harvest Festival

Half Farming Half X (part-time farming)Rural Life Seminar

 This is a 2 day 1 night event. It is a great experience to taste the steamed newly harvested rice with miso soup. The newly harvested rice will be send to the attenders by mail after the event. There will be a seminar hosted by Mr.  Naoki Shiomi, the president of Research Institute of Half Farming Half X, where attenders discuss dreams and problems of rural life with local residents.

End of November or beginning of December, Rice Festival - Straw Harvest

 The roofs of thatched roof houses are made of straws. Please come with your family to experience cutting straws, the rural culture of Japan. The event might be delayed depending on the weather.